Blackberry Pie

I always feel so nostalgic when I make blackberry pie. My grandmother use to whip one up in her kitchen, banging about for what seemed like hours. My mother makes it and so do I. Now that my kids are tweenies and teenagers, I was met with eye rolling and grunting when I suggested that we all go berry picking…not so cool, I've gathered. I managed to convince the youngest to come.... so blackberry pie it is. I must apologise for the size of this recipe, as it is massive, but I just can't help myself, once a cafe baker always a cafe baker.


If you don't want the boring details, skip straight to the recipe.


As you can see above, I just mix the dough until combined, place it on a floured surface and give it a LIGHT,VERY LIGHT knead until it looks smooth. Don't cut it exactly in half, as covering the bottom and up the sides takes a little more pastry than what is required for the top.


Make sure you put your pastry onto a well floured surface. When you have rolled it out to about 10cm in diameter, lift it up and move it onto some more flour…or else it will stick. This pastry isn't like others, it's very soft to work with as you haven't chilled it. This makes it difficult to lift up without breaking so I just cut it into quarters and place it into the pie dish, one piece at a time. I don't need such a large circumference for the top and can manage to lift it on ( I lift it up with a large rolling pin), if you aren't feeling confident, cut the top into quarters as well. It will still look great.

After lining the bottom of your pie dish with pastry, give it a light dusting of cornflour. This is IMPORTANT, it will stop the juices from soaking into the pastry, you don't want a soggy mess. Now place all those big, fat, juicy, freshly picked blackberries into the pie dish and sprinkle  2Tbsp of sugar over the top. You can add more sugar if you wish, just depends on how sweet you like it. I am really annoyed I didn't take a photo of this before I put the top on, as it looks really good. I peeled the corner back so you could at least get a peak in. You may need to trim some sides off, once you put the top on.

blackberry pie inside

I brushed the top with an egg wash (1 egg, whisked with 1Tbsp water) and sprinkled it with vanilla sugar, before I put it in the oven. Both those are optional. Make sure it is well cooked, if your oven tends to burn, turn that temperature down.

Serve with whatever you like, I always have vanilla ice-cream and whipped cream.

blackberry pie

So, bake yourself happy and good luck!

Blackberry Pie
  • 150g butter,softened
  • 150g sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 375g self-raising flour
  • 50g cornflour
  • 900g fresh blackberries
  • 2Tbsp sugar
  1. Cream butter and sugar for 3 minutes, until light in colour.
  2. Add your eggs and continue beating until combined.
  3. Add your flour and cornflour and beat until it clumps together.
  4. Place clumped pastry onto a floured surface and give it a really light kneading, until it is smooth(see photo in blog).
  5. Divide pastry into two, for a top and bottom. Roll the pastry out and line the base of an 11inch pie dish.
  6. Sieve about 1Tbsp of cornflour onto the pastry base, this will prevent sogginess.
  7. Place the blackberries into the pie dish and sprinkle with about 2Tbsp's of sugar.
  8. Roll out remaining dough and place on top of the berries. Pinch sides together to seal. Brush with egg wash and sprinkle with vanilla sugar.
  9. Cook at 170 degrees celsius for about 60 minutes. I
If you are using electric hand held beaters, beat the butter and sugar as directed, but mix the flour and cornflour in, using a wooden spoon.
You don't want the pie to burn before it is cooked, if it is browning to quickly, lower it's position in your oven.