Pita crisps are the best; super easy, tasty and inexpensive. I made these the other day, in class, to show the students there is a healthier alternative to highly processed nacho chips. These chips aren’t made from the smaller, thicker pita breads  but large soft ones, which can be purchased from most grocer shops( I get mine from Vege Heaven on Peachgrove Rd). The brand is Pita House and they look like this. The breads retail for $2 p/bag, one bag makes enough chips for a family of five. Amazing eh?


To make the chips, brush each pita bread lightly with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper. A student of mine suggested I add smoked paprika and so I did…thank you Molly. Emily thought baking them with some fresh rosemary would be good too. I’ll have to try that next time. Well done to those girls for extending their thinking, even the smallest changes can make a recipe just that bit better. If total low fat is what you’re after, you could bake them with no oil as well.


Rip the breads into pieces and place into a large roasting dish.


Bake in a slow oven (140 degrees C) until crisp, tossing every few minutes, to ensure they are evenly cooked. In this photo I haven’t ripped up the full packet of pitas, that is only two. Normally I rip up all four and my roasting dish is full. A full roasting dish may take 20 minutes to cook, that half quantity took about 7 minutes.

Bag them up for the school lunches or serve with your favourite dip. Enjoy and have a great week.


lebanese chips