About me



I’m Megan, mother of three, former cafe owner and qualified food technology teacher.

First, thanks so much for visiting my blog. This is a new venture for me and one that I am really excited about. It is going to give me an opportunity to recreate what I miss most about my café days; the people, the baking, and the community. I started an instagram account last November and have been both amazed and inspired by the diversity amongst my followers, people from all corners of the globe, all sharing a common bond. A love of experimenting in the kitchen, trying new things, and eating great food.

My entire working life has been spent in kitchens, from my cafe kitchen, to the home kitchen, to the school kitchen. I try to escape it at times, but just find myself being drawn back in. I enjoy all aspects of the baking process, from expressing my creativity, experimenting, failing, succeeding, and finally, eating.

My reason for starting this blog is simple. I want to share these pleasures with everyone I can, and connect with people who see food in the same way. I want to unlock some mysteries of the kitchen, and inspire you all to give it a go.

So let’s bake ourselves happy.